May 30, 2014

To Lift or Not to Lift, That Was the Question

Brown Turkey Fig Tree Babies
Everyone who gardens seriously has learned how to carry several nursery containers at a time. I think nothing of picking up four gallon size pots (6 if I'm really busy) and marching off across the garden with them. 

Last weekend I had potted up a flat of Brown Turkey Tree plugs. I was so excited to find them and couldn't wait to put them in 2 gallon pots to grow bigger for next year's sales. I wanted one for myself too. I was feeling pretty froggy (it's a southern thing) so I picked up two of those wet two gallon pots in each hand (four all together) and headed around to the front of the greenhouse. "Ouch!" A muscle in my back yelled, "Slow down! Put some of these down!" Did I pay attention to that pain? No... lived to regret that one. I carried all 18 of those babies, four at a time, to the front space.  This was Friday afternoon, by 6 PM that night I couldn't find a comfortable position to sit or stand. Spent the weekend  hobbling around like the old lady I am. Usually these sprains go away in a day or two with a little rest and a few Naproxen. Well, it's Wednesday, I've been walking the green-way every morning and I'm getting a little better but am still aware of not being back to the old me - pun intended. 

The good thing about all this is (there is always a good thing) I've spent much time on my swing reading a really great book, making lists for when I feel better and enjoying the garden sights and sounds. Speaking of books, I highly recommend 
Walking with God: Talk to Him. Hear from Him. Really  by John Eldredge. If you are a "get it done" person, A list maker, someone who can't sit still, you will totally identify with John. You may even learn a few helpful things too. 

So next time you start to get in a hurry and think you might be superwoman or man, slow down or you may not have a choice later. 

Check out John's website Ransomed Heart 

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