May 23, 2014

Our Baobab Tree

Not really but it's what I call the wild Paulownia tree that came up in our yard 2 years ago. my non- gardening hubby, Bill loved it's big fuzzy leaves. I warned him that if we let it grow there it would get huge and if it ever fell (which they are prone to do) it would take out our studio. He really wanted that plant! At the time it looked more like a big green garden plant but I knew how big and fast it would grow. We compromised. I would let it stay if I could keep it small. I am not lying - I prune that tree every other week! It grows so fast you can almost see it happening!

I must admit, I have grown to love that silly tree myself. When left to grow to their mature height, it would be
40 feet tall and covered in lavender blooms in the spring but due to the pruning, ours will never bloom. The leaves are beautiful and velvety and 8 to 12 inches across by summer. It is a great place to hang my wind chimes and the hummers love eating in the shelter of those huge leaves.

I'm just hoping it never blows over. I bet it's root system would take out the bank that supports the foundation to our art studio.

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