November 8, 2013

New Celery from Purchased Celery

I found this on Pinterest and rather than rewrite this whole post I'm going to send you to this terrific blog! It shows how to grow a whole new celery plant from a purchased celery! A good tip and a new blog to follow too. I'm going to do this one for sure.


KMG said...

I did try this a week ago (it’s November 9 today) and I already have tiny green leaves on my old celery that I planted in a herb container on my deck!

mkpelland said...

I often sprout a new head of Romain this way, but I do it hydroponically. Like this: Cut off the bottom of the stem end (about an inch of that end) put it in a clean bowl, or crock, or whatever and fill the container with water to half way up the cutting. Set on a bright window sill or shelf. Next DAY you will see new growth. Make sure to maintain the water level and in less than a week you have new lettuce, tender as can be. I'm sure celery would do the same.

KMG said...

I am for sure going to try this! We eat a ton of salad and I am all about saving money.

KMG said...

Well my lettuce has been in water for a week and sure enough it has ne
w growth about 2 inches tall! I put a drop of liquid fertilizer in the water.