November 29, 2013

Make a Natural Holiday Simmering Potpourri for Yourself or as a Gift

Do you remember making Cloved oranges as a kid? We poked cloves into fresh oranges  - usually in pretty designs but they are OK just where ever you want them as long as you put quite a few cloves. I did them and allowed the oranges to dry. They actually lasted quite a while in a pretty bowl. I arranged them above with pine cones and Fresh Rosemary.

Natural Potpourri Simmer
 Using the same idea, you can peel an orange (eat the orange or use it for juice), Dry the peel. I dried mine in the oven set on it's lowest setting. Check them often to be sure they don't burn. Break the orange peels in to small pieces, add  whole cloves, cinnamon stick pieces, whole allspice, dried apple slices and berries from a cedar tree. This last one is optional but it makes a really festive holiday fragrance. If you live near a woods where cedar grows the female trees are loaded with blue berries in the fall! . To make the house smell like Christmas simmer a couple tablespoons of the mix in a small pan of water on the stove Be sure to check often so it doesn't boil dry. I wonder if you can still find those potpourri simmering pots like I had several years ago. Not only does this smell delicious but will add humidity to the house and the essential oils are good to breath too. Package this up in little jelly jars or small bags for a nice little gift also.

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