February 1, 2013

Terrific Cheap Trellis Tips

Can you tell I've been spending way too much time on the Internet lately? Well, I finally retired - sorta. I am only going into work when we do our semi-annual catalogs. Otherwise I am free now to pursue my garden business and invest time is some great ministry opportunities that God has placed in my life. I'll post about all that soon.

I do have a new computer because my old one crashed - it actually wasn't that old and HP is going to fix the mother board and hard drive that bit the dust. I took advantage of my Amazon Prime card and bough a nice new dell laptop plus a 22" monitor that I'll hook up to my little laptop in the studio. Maybe I'll give the HP to one of my kids when it gets back from the PC hospital.

Well, back to the Internet. I have found some really good websites and again today I want to show you one of them.

This one is a post about cheap trellises. I put a picture at the top of one of my garden tubs with it's tomato cage trellis (talk about cheap!) and here are my bargain ones I got at a discount store at the end of the season for $8 bucks each. The link after that picture goes to a really neat blog post and site you may want to bookmark. It's called TipNut and is chock full of all sorts of good ideas! Be sure to read to the end for a DIY using wire coat hanger.s Enjoy!


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