August 10, 2012

Raised Herb Beds Part 2 or Buy 3 Get one FREE!

Keep reading for a way to get a raised bed FREE! The herb beds I added to my yard for stock plants have been filled with compost and were ready to plant. I wanted a unique way to separate the herbs in each bed. I love rocks and my mom has a big creek on her property with wonderful sandbars and rocks! I bring home rocks every time I visit her. Bill's favorite comment when I return is, "Oh, I'm so glad you brought home more rocks!". Of course, he is being facetious  - he doesn't get it at all.

Anyway, I went through my rock collection and selected some small to medium stones to divide the beds into sections. I planted one or two herb plants in each section.  I even planted a sedum in a depression in this mossy rock.

Here are a couple of my favorite beds.

Sage, Lavender, and Thyme in a sunburst shape
Oregano and Lavender in cross

I had 3 more beds to assemble. I wanted these behind the greenhouse to use as storage for Hosta and other plants that are in the growing process. I am also going to use PVC pipe to make a mini hoop house over these for wintering over outside. I'll cover the hoops with frost blanket material this winter. More on that when the time comes. These beds are the picture at the top of this post. Meanwhile, I discovered a very cool thing; by assembling three of these kits together like the black lines below, you can add a fourth free using the two sides left over from the places circled in blue where you didn't have to use the additional side from a kit. The green lines show where to place the leftover boards! In the photo at the top, I have the first two beds in place and will add two more sections this fall. More raised bed ideas from
Free bed is indicated in green

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