July 12, 2011

The Accidental Free Beetle Trap

Sometimes little happy accidents happen in the garden. Such a happening turned into a free and safe Japanese Beetle trap. I recently left an old white dog dish on the deck rail and it rained that night filling the dish with water. As usual, I procrastinated in putting it up and I noticed a few dead beetles in that dish the second day. I thought I was on to something so I left it there and watched. Sure enough, more beetles! I have emptied that dish three times so far and here is what it looks like today.

I think it's the while color, I have other containers of water around and no beetles. Whatever the attraction it is working. This is so much better than Sevin. Please don't use Sevin! It not only kills the beetles but bees and butterflies too. You all know how scarce the bees are and we will be in a world of trouble without our pollinators. I hand picked 100's off my Knock Out Roses but you know what? The roses and all the rest will come back as soon as the beetles are gone - they olny stay a few weeks. I hate them too but I'd rather squash them than kill the bees.


  1. thanks for the info about the beetles, I didn't even know they were bad for gardens. Shows how much I know.

    At least when I hear the word "Sevin", I will know to stay away!

  2. Japanese beetles love to eat the blossoms and foliage of roses, clematis, Japanese maples and lots of other ornamental plants. They don't seem to be a big problem in veggie gardens though.