June 14, 2011

Pest Watch and More Container Gardening

The methods for saving my squash from the squash borers and mildew that I mentioned in my last post seem to be working. As of today, I have no signs of stem damage and the mildew has not shown it's ugly face! You can barely see the paper collar around the stem of this squash plant. I have small squash and tiny tomatoes in my containers.

I tried snow peas this year and low and behold - I have peas! I really didn't think this would work but we have actually eaten fresh peas twice already. I'll do this again next year; might add an extra container just for them. As you can see, I have a yellow salad tomato plant happily growing among the pea vines. It's what I love about container gardening, I can crowd lots of plants together and they all are happy as long as I fertilize and water.


  1. I'm planning to do some container gardening, at my church in a couple of months. (Hopefully it won't be too late to start some spinach). Anyway, now I know I can put more than one plant in the same container and it will be okay.

  2. Spinach is a cool weather crop but who knows - it might be OK I know you could plant in late August (here in zone 6b) for a fall crop.

    Keep us postd on how you do with the containers. I'm totally sold on the idea.