October 3, 2010

Intermittent Mist for Rooting Plants

I have not found any plant that I haven’t been able to propagate under intermittent mist. It is the main reason I wanted a greenhouse. Granted, you can make a mist system outdoors but for me, there are too many variables to deal with outside; animals, too much sun or shade, rain and other weather related things.

I used an electronic leaf and a timer to control the mist. I set it to come on a couple of hours after sunrise and go off at least 2 hours before sundown. Wet leaves are susceptible to fungus so you want them dry before dark. We constructed my system using PVC pipe that is permanently in place. There are lots of places on the Internet where you can find instructions for constructing a mist system. I did not buy a kit, everything I needed was at my local hardware store except the mist heads and I purchased then from a greenhouse supply store.

In the following video I show how I make a cutting, use a rooting hormone and place it in my growing trays. These trays are temporary until we finish the bottom heated trays that we will use all winter and beyond. It was summer when this film was made so I didn’t need to worry about bottom heat. By the way, the Cuban Oregano cuttings rooted in 7 days in my 80 - 90 degree greenhouse.


  1. Nice short video. I do all my misting outside in sand beds using a timer. How do you like the electronic leaf?

  2. Boy, I'm behind on my comments! Blogger just notified me of several today - some were dated in September! I love the leaf! I had a little trouble finding a simple waterproof timer to turn it on and off. I only want it on from about 9am till 4:30 or 5. i'm not always here to turn it on & off manually. Finally found one at Lowe's - it's actually for outside lights but it will work.