January 7, 2010

Peggy Martin Rose

By far, the most spectacular plant in my spring garden is my Peggy Martin Rose in full bloom! But what is most wonderful about the plant is the story behind it. Peggy Martin was a collector of heirloom roses in new Orleans. When hurricane Katrina ripped through her home city, Peggy lost her elderly parents, her home and a commercial fishing boat. She returned after the waters had receded to clean up what she assumed would be a destroyed collection of antique roses. To her surprise, one unnamed variety was in glorious bloom in her garden. After three weeks under brackish water, this beautiful pink rose was in full bloom! What a statement about survival and renewal. The rose was renamed Peggy Martin and cuttings were grown and sold to help refurbish gardens in New Orleans. A link to the whole story follows this post.

As soon as I read about this rose, I bought one. It grew into a huge plant and covered my fence the first year. I was surprised that next spring to find rooted stems under the leaves when I raked them off my garden. I have since rooted cuttings for others as well as a couple for other locations in my yard.

The rose is wonderful in May but I was surprised this year to find these blooms in November. Granted we had a warmer than usual Autumn but this was late even for that.

If you have the space for a vigurous climber, this one is my favorite. Read more about the rose.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this before! What an amazing rose and great story. I am going to try to find this. Our chain link fence needs a lot of vines/climbers, and evergreens like roses are ideal.