November 8, 2009

Bottle Trees and Garden Art

I love my garden art about as much as I love my garden. My newest addition was made by my son, Zack. When I saw Ginger's Bottle tree (Law of the Land blogger) I knew I had to have one. Zack is an artist with a welder so he was drafted. He finished my bottle tree a few weeks ago. It occupies a place of honor in my little round bed out front. I was tickled when I found the pretty blue bottle in my dad's barn. I love the way Zack curved little wires around some of my bottles - they look like metal vines. By the way, if you live in middle Tennesse, Zack will make you a bottle tree for a reasonable price. leave me a comment if you are interested.
Some more of my favorite garden art objects are around my pond. I recycled the fish from a fish bowl base - The little frog and snail are pot stands that I used to rest him on. He was just the thing to hold my cactus pot. Who could not like the little pottery turtle and her nest of pebble eggs?

There's a blue bird (over sized to say the least) hiding in my kitchen window box. I'm surprised that the wren bird didn't build a nest in it. And my oldest and most favorite is the cherub sitting by my front steps. this piece of art has moved with me three times - I hope it is home for good now -I'm too old to move again and it is too!


  1. Your bottle tree looks great!

    The one I had on my blog is actually my mother-in-law's. I have one, too, though. I have it in the front yard, probably to the chagrin of my neighbors!

    I didn't know you have a fish pond! I would love to see more pictures! We just put three goldfish in our tiny pond (installed back in August) this weekend.

  2. My pond is tiny too but I have 8 small gold fish and 2 kio in it. I might have to do a pond blog soon. My pond problem is keeping the racoons from eating my fish! I had 15 fish last year and this week somebody ate one more. It could be the cat next door but I've actually seen racoons "fishing" in there. They are not my favorite critters - if you get my drift.

  3. Your bottle tree is fantastic...more so that your son created it for you! gail