May 3, 2009

More Quick garden Tips

My gardening buddy at work, Joni, shared some really good tips with me last week. I want to pass them along to you.

We were talking about how the wood bees have discovered my new porch on the front of the studio. They are buzzing around all the wood framing looking for places to drill holes for nests. I had a log house once and they totally destroyed a log that supported the roof of my front porch! Needless to say, I don't want that to happen again. She told me that WD40 sprayed into the nest hole will get rid of them! Wd40 is made from fish oil - I'm going to try it! Some other uses I heard about for WD40 are:

Keeps pigeons off your balcony - they don't like the smell
Keeps flies off cows and horses
Lubricates gear shift on mowers
Keeps Terra Cotta pots from oxidizing (I like mine oxidized but if you don't...)
Keeps rust from forming on tools
Takes the sting out of ant bites
Removes grime from Barbecue grills
Makes scissors work smoothly

Joni also told me how she sprays wasps with hair spray. She said they will fall immediately to the ground and you can squash them! Good advice for all you out there who are allergic to wasp stings.

Here is an idea she had for keeping birds and critters out of the garden. It is cheaper and more effective than bird netting and if you want to add some wild color to your yard this will do the trick! I actually did this last year over my blueberry plants once the berries were ripe. I used green - not very daring but it worked - I got the berries - the birds had to settle for sunflower seeds.

Joni and I used mesh netting (tulle) that is available in 24 inch widths by 25 yards long from there is a $25 minimum so go in with a friend unless you want three colors or more.

Below are pictures of Joni's little backyard garden with the Tulle tied prettily around it.

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  1. Unbelievable timing! I just had a post about my problems with wood bees and birds eating my fruit, and here you come with the solutions! I'm going to try the WD 40 ASAP. I thought it was a petroleum product; I had no idea it was made from fish oil. That's neat.
    The tulle looks SO cute. That netting drove me mad - I got all tangled in it.