March 5, 2009

Hello and Welcome

Just a quick little post to tell you a little about myself. I have spent several years propagating, growing and selling perennials, herbs, Clematis vines (one of my favorite flowers in all the world), hosta, perennial flowers and ornamental grasses. I especially like the miniature varieties of ornamental grasses.

 I Heirloom veggies in containers and start seeds in my little hobby greenhouse where I also propagate most of het plants mentioned aboue. I sell plants there in the spring and early summer as Mimi's Greenhouse

Favorite Container Garden Tip: You can grow a neat little salad garden on your deck or patio. I plant mine early and cover it with a frost blanket. You will need large flower pots, mine are 15 inch ones that are a little less than 2 feet tall. In the summer they hold Clematis vines that are dormant right now. I loosened up the top 2 inches of soil, spread my gourmet lettuce seed mix, barely cover the seeds and wait for the rain.I take the frost blanket off when I see teh little seedlings and put it back on if a sever frost is predicted. You could be harvesting your first salad by the last of march or first of pril in zone 6.


  1. Regarding salad on your deck... last year I tried growing tomatoes in large containers on my deck. I had blooms and little green fruits, but no large red tomatoes. Somewhere between the green babies and maturity something went very wrong. Ideas?

  2. Do you have squirrels in your yard? I've seen them eat all sorts of fruit and veggies before it is ripe. Did the tomatoes fall off or just dry up on the vines? Both of these could be caused by improper watering. Tomatoes like consistent moisture - not wet but moist.