March 25, 2009

Free plant Saucers

I am all for saving money and recycling so I look for ways to reuse lots of things around my house. I like the clear plastic plant saucers that are available at garden centers. I put stones in them and use them to supply moisture to my orchids and other plants that like it humid. The other day I bought chicken wings at the grocery and they came in this plactic container.
I used it to make two nice saucers for my plants. Here's how I did it.

1. Cut the top and bottom apart.
2. Remove the label. I did this with Orange Oil. Trim any hinges and closers off.
3. TaDa! You have two new plant saucers for free!


  1. Good idea! I've used those Cracker Barrel take out containers as seed flats and saucers. No sense letting them go to waste!

  2. Big Yogurt containers make good potting up containers too. I use a heated ice pick to poke a few drainage holes in the bottom and the tops make a good saucer to keep water off what ever surface you place them on.

  3. Thats an Excellent tip! Thanks so much for sharing it! I came here from Tn. Garden Web forum. Stop by and visit my blog.
    I am flowerlver on GW. Have a Great Week-end!