July 19, 2019

Weed Killer Update

I wanted to post pictures of the weeds that were wiped out by the Natural Weed Killer (click the link to see original post). This damage happened on a hot sunny day and the weeds died in about 2 hours! This worked as well as RoundUp ever did and is safe for me and the environment! I think the hot sun was the key to the fast-wilting of the weeds.

Dead weeds in the driveway.
 The green is a ground cover that I am encouraging to grow

Weeds around my Clematis vine. The vine is unharmed. 

June 21, 2019

More Recycled Container Ideas

Hydrangea in a recycled pot
I have a friend who raises cattle...maybe you do too. One day he was at one of my backyard nursery sales and he noticed my container garden He asked me if I would be interested in big heavy containers. He said the minerals that he feeds to his cattle are packaged in big red plastic tubs. He was having a difficult time trying to recycle them or find a place to dispose of them.  Of course, I was interested. The next day he came with a pickup truck loaded with great big, thick plastic tubs!

I took the labels off and Bill drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. They make perfect big pots for the shrubs that I use for cuttings to root and grow the little shrubs I sell in my backyard nursery.  If you know anyone who raises cows, you might be able to have big pots too.

Another tip for using any large container is to fill the bottom fourth of the pot with styrofoam cups or packing peanuts. This helps with drainage and makes the heavy tubs a little lighter to move around.

June 14, 2019

My Recycled Compost Bin

old plastic tub ready for the trash
Our old compost bins were falling apart. They were at least 10 years old and the wooden frames were rotten. Nothing green goes into the trash at our house; we compost it all. I always have marvelous dark brown compost to use in my garden. Our backyard is totally hidden from the neighborhood so I can do pretty much whatever I want to back there. We had some big old plastic storage tubs that I was about to dump into the recycle service in our town. Then I thought of a way I could use them for making compost.

Here is what we did:

Bill drilled a lot of quarter-inch holes into the bottom:

Then he used his reciprocating saw to cut out one side: 

 Here it is, perfect for composting:
I had some pressure treated boards that had been on the old compost bins and they worked great to hold in the compost in the new bins while it cures
 Here is another one we made from an old plastic rain barrel.
 Next week I'll show you how we made terrific garden containers from recycled cattle mineral tubs.

June 7, 2019

Safe Bug Killer for Plants

Are Aphids and other critters eating your veggies and ornamental plants? Spray them with a dose of this safe spray and they will be gone!

This recipe makes 1 gallon of safe spray. I use a 2-gallon hand pump sprayer and keep it handy in my greenhouse. (double the recipe if you want to totally fill this size sprayer.)

1 Tablespoon Baking Soda
1/2 Teaspoon Liquid Dish Soap
1 Gallon of Water

Mix all ingredients in the sprayer, stir and saturate infected plants. For aphids, you may need to spray a second time after a day or so. Aphids tend to lay eggs and you will need to get rid of the hatch of eggs.  The fruit or herbs are safe to eat even the first day you spray. Of course, rinse before using...soap is not so good to taste. 😏

May 31, 2019


Well, it's mosquito time again. Every year I mix up a batch of this natural insect repellant. It is safe, smells good and works! My little pond is one of my favorite features in the back yard but it's a mosquito magnet. Even with the mosquito dunks in there, it still seems to attract the little critters. I fill a small spray bottle and spray all exposed skin with this good smelling repellant and no more bites.

Insect Repellant
3 of 4 ounces  Witch Hazel
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
2 teaspoons Citronella Oil

Put all in a small spray bottle and spray as needed. Not only will the bugs leave you alone but you will smell good too. 

May 28, 2019

Natural Weed Killer

Many of my Mimi's Greenhouse customers have asked about a safe way to kill weeds. With that in mind, I went on a search for a natural way to rid the garden of weeds. Here is the best recipe I found. I actually used it yesterday and here is a picture of a Dandelion I sprayed. This is not even 24 hours later. Here is the recipe: note: Only add the salt if you DO NOT plan to replant in that area. 

1 Gallon White Vinegar
1 Tablespoon liquid detergent or vegetable oil, (I used detergent)
1 cup of salt
Put all ingredients into a sprayer - I like my 2-gallon pump sprayer.
Soak the weeds, preferably on a hot sunny day.
It could take a couple of days for them all to die.

BY THE WAY: Roundup weed killer is killing us! Read my Roundup Rant here: