June 23, 2017

Keep the Deer From Eating Your Plants

This was posted on a forum that I belong to. I know it will work, deer hate smelly stuff - even strong scented soap bars will keep them away from your prized hosta.
WARNING: This stuff stinks to high-heavens!
The recipe I used is as follows: 1 egg, 5 garlic cloves (or five tablespoons of minced garlic) and 5 gallons of water.
Luckily I had everything with the exception of the 5 one gallon containers (which I just had to wait until I finished with my milk cartons and used them.)
To make this stuff, you crack open an egg and put it into one of the gallon containers.  Then fill the container with water. Divide the egg/water mixture equally into all the containers.  Once this is done, fill the containers full of fresh water and place one crushed clove of garlic (or tablespoon full each of minced garlic) in each container.  Let the containers set out for several days – in the sun light preferably. 
Once it has fermented (baked in the sun) its ready.  Pour in on and around your plants you don’t want deer or rabbits to eat. 
Good news – the smell will dissipate as it dries and then YOU won’t be able to smell it, but the deer and rabbits will! (If it rains, you will need to reapply – so I keep a couple gallons in waiting at all times)
The result?  No one is eating from my garden except me (The Little Red Hen)!

June 9, 2017

Great Article about Controlling Japanese Beetles

I'm sharing Mike Mcgroarty's blog post here. Be sure and read all the comments. They are full of more good tips to control these pesky bugs. By the way, my greenhouse inspector told me that they are moving out of Tennessee and we may be beetle free in a year or two! Yea!

Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles

May 26, 2017

This cleaner is amazing!

My brother-in-law gave me this one. Do you think he might be trying to tell me something? 😉

It's cheap, ingredients are probably already in your kitchen and and are safe to use. It works for your oven, shower or any other hard surface you need to clean. He said the secret is to let it sit on the surface overnight and then wipe with clean wet cloths - well, I was too impatient for that. I sprayed both shower stalls (Bill's looked like he may have washed the dog in there) and let it sit a few hours. I only rinsed it off - amazing! No kidding, it got all that dirt off and down the drain!

Magic Cleaner
2 oz Dawn detergent (I did use dawn but was tempted to try my no name brand)  
4 oz bottled lemon juice
8 oz white vinegar
10 oz water

Spray, let it sit, wipe away. In the oven DO NOT USE HEAT - just spray, let sit and wipe clean.
For shower spray - rinse and if you like the shine, wipe with dry towels. 

The secret is to let it sit and then wipe off the dirt! 

May 19, 2017

A Tour of My Backyard Nursery

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know that I have a little seasonal backyard nursery (Mimi's Greenhouse). It is open on Friday's and Saturday's for about 6 weeks in the spring. I sell herbs, flowers, small shrubs and trees as well as vegetable plants for your veggie garden.  I thought it would be fun to post a little picture tour of that space. When the gate is closed there is no clue that there is a little business in my backyard. For more about my little nursery visit Mimi's Greenhouse.

the gate to my backyard nursery 

Some of the plants for sale and the greenhouses

Just inside the gate & view of our art studio
path to the shrubs for sale

A place to sit and enjoy the plants

view of sale from the lower garden