November 17, 2017


Peggy Martin Rose on my front fence

I can't say enough about this heirloom rose! This Peggy Martin Rose is beautiful in the spring covered with small fluffy blooms, it is hardy and happy in my semi-shaded garden or in full sun, plus the bonus of a rebloom in the fall. The leaves are green all winter! It is November 15 as I write this. We have had two big frosts and several nights below freezing and it is still blooming on my front fence.

This one on my fence (I have two more in my backyard) has survived Rose Rosette disease too. I noticed the weird foliage last year. I cut all the branches with affected leaves off the plant. A few returned and I pruned them off too. It has been disease free this year. I'm holding my breath and making sure the ones in the back are healthy.
Peggy Martin Autumn Blooms

I usually am able to root a few cuttings for sale each year at Mimi'sGreenhouse. They go fast so if you are in my area and want one you better get on my mailing list  (link on sidebar). The first sale each spring is a private sale for the email list only. Peggy Martin is one of the first plants to sell out. 

November 10, 2017

Best Meal Worm Feeder for the Bluebirds

I've written before about what fun it is to watch the bluebirds eat from the mealworm feeder. See that post here: Feed the Birds!  But Wait! I've discovered another feeder that I like better. The old one finally bit the dust. It's no wonder, it was probably 10 years old. When I went looking to replace it, the price had gone way up and they were out of stock too.

So a trip to my local Tractor Supply Store, my usual source for all things bird, didn't turn up one I was crazy about either. Low and behold across the street at good old Wally World was the perfect solution! It is not a Mealworm feeder actually but works great for the worms. It is copper and pretty, has a little "roof" that keeps the worms fairly dry, dispenses them as the birds eat so not as many are wasted and as you can see from the pictures the birds like it.

I have also found a great source for worms that is cheaper than what I have found anywhere else. I stopped growing my own worms about a year ago. Too much trouble and dried are much easier to deal with. This link is a five-pound bag that lasts a long time and I feed lots of birds! 

November 3, 2017

It's Not Too Late To Divide Perennials

Perennials are plants that come back every year and the ones that stay green all winter are also called perennial. It is O.K. to divide and move perennials all the way into November here in zone 6. Even after frost and shrubs are dormant, they will usually survive the transplant.

I found an excellent post on the best ways to transplant these garden staples.

Dividing Perennials

Below are a few pictures of perennials in my garden


Dawn Clematis

 Mop Head Hydrangea

October 27, 2017

Morning Glories

Here it is mid October and the Morning Glories are still making me happy when I look out the kitchen window and see them smiling on the trellis. There are blue and pink ones growing together. They re-seed in that space every year. This year they were late to start blooming. That may explain why they are still blooming this late.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad they are still out there. They are the first thing I see in the morning when I go to the kitchen to start my day.